How to promote a YouTube channel from scratch to earn money on it

How to promote a YouTube channel from scratch to earn money on it
Hello everyone Surely, many of you would like to become YouTubers and earn money in this business. After all, this platform is really capable of bringing indecently huge amounts. There is only one thing left-to promote your channel. But how to do it and where to start? This is what we will talk about today. Buy 200 youtube views.

Idea, design, and planning
First, before you do anything, always make a plan. In this case, decide on what topic you will do videos at all, and make a plan for at least a few videos ahead.

Secondly, design the channel so that people can immediately see the seriousness of your intentions. Don’t know how to work in Photoshop yourself? Order the design on a freelance basis. On the same quark, it costs only 500 rubles to make a beautiful cap for the channel.

How to promote a YouTube channel from scratch to earn money on it
Well, then, the publication itself. It is unlikely that your very first videos will gain views since you will be in the «sandbox» and you will only be watched closely. Although, there are exceptions, in particular, if the topic is hype. But in other cases, the commercials need to be helped and pushed.

Let’s see what methods YouTubers use to promote their videos.

Of course, the content itself is important, otherwise, everything is meaningless. Therefore, you need to choose an interesting title and description. It is desirable that it was on a hype topic. For example, recently blogger Ekaterina Didenko lost her husband and two friends due to non-compliance with safety regulations when working with dry ice. So everyone picked up on the news. The first Channel and Russia fought for the right to invite Didenko to their studio, each blogger considered it his duty to insert his 5 kopecks. So much for the hype. But I personally am against such a hype on the bones. But the point is this.

Also, do not forget to write a description and tags with the most important keywords.

The picture should attract the viewer, but it should not be clickbait.

Time and frequency of publication
Also, you should take into account the time of publication of the video. This plays a significant role because the first views are the most important. The more views the video gets at the beginning, the more chances it has to advance. Therefore, try not to post at night, late at night, early in the morning, and possibly at lunchtime.

Also, try not to make large time intervals between publications. 2 times a week will be quite acceptable.

External distribution
How to promote a YouTube channel from scratch to earn money on it
It will be just great if you try to spread the link to each new video on social networks (on your page, in a group). Also, no one canceled other external resources, such as comments on YouTube to thematic channels. Just don’t spam.

Of course, not everyone has public posts on social networks. Therefore, you can use crops. The bottom line is that you register in one of the specialized services. These services are looking for group admins who will upload your video to their community. And it will be real views of live people, and not cheating by bots or offers.

How to promote a YouTube channel from scratch to earn money on it
Of course, this is not free. One viewing of your video will cost you from 80 kopecks and above, depending on the target.

If you do seeding, then take at least 400-500 views, so that YouTube «grabs» it.

Among these services are:

In addition, you can advertise in Google itself using the Google Adwords service. Your ads will be served to the target audience. Of course, this is mainly how business channels are advertised (I do not take into account online stores, services, etc.), but there are often channels on other topics, such as «Cooking» or «Travel».

Of course, all this is also not free, so you should treat this method carefully, so as not to drain the budget into the void.

How to promote a YouTube channel from scratch to earn money on it
When you have at least some audience, you will be able to negotiate with other equivalent YouTubers about a joint video. Thus, there will be a certain merger of subscribers, and some of them will pass to you. At the same time, some of your subscribers will go to your blogger-friend.

This method has a very fat advantage. First, you build connections with other bloggers, and second, you promote your channel.

Advertising on other channels
How to promote a YouTube channel from scratch to earn money on it
Well, the most probably effective way is paid advertising on other channels. You negotiate with another blogger about advertising, pay him by agreement, and wait for his video to be released with an ad for your channel.

The method, of course, is effective, but not free. This should be taken into account.

What’s next?
Well, as soon as you gain 1000 subscribers, and the number of views of all your videos exceeds 4000 hours, then you can apply for monetization from Google Adsense.

Of course, this is not the only way to monetize the channel. You can read about other ways of earning money in my separate article.

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